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ASWS 2012- Day 2

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After an amazingly full night of sleep, Angel and I woke up ready for breakfast (which was a little surprising considering how much I’d eaten for dinner, I wasn’t expecting to be hungry again for awhile). We met Marcus downstairs in one of the casino restaurants and he taught us Keno while we ate. And because being serious all the time is overrated.. we made mustaches out of our melons!


After breakfast, Angel had team duties to fulfill and Marcus and I had a plan to go rock climbing. He’d found this gym online several months and figured it would be a fun activity for Sunday before all the festivities started. The location of the gym is what made it really neat. It was located outside directly next to the famous Reno sign (you can see the Reno sign in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture of the rock wall.)

     Day2_RenoSign  Day2_RockClimbing

I’m so glad I went!! (Not gonna lie I totally debated spending a day reading by the pool). it felt awesome to move around and stretch and get limber after spending almost 7 hours completely sedentary on an airplane. I’d only been climbing once before with Marcus, and I’d thoroughly enjoyed it. Because I’m such a weenie when it comes to things like being-terrified-of-falling-off-the-wall-and-dying, it’s a good way to push myself outside of my comfort zone. What made this trek even scarier, was that it was on an auto belay. Which means, when you let go of the wall you fell about a foot or so before it caught you and slowly let you down. Each and every time I got to the top it took a solid minute or so before I collect myself enough to let go of the wall. TERRIFYING. But again, pushing myself felt good and I’m so glad I went. Especially when it comes to bouldering, my lack of upper body strength was shocking. I’ve been lifting weights for a solid 5 months and have gotten so much stronger. But trying to hold my body on a way… nope! down I went. My core has gotten so much stronger, but it was humbling not to be able to stay on the wall. I clearly still have work to do Smile

We decided to just walk it back to the resort, which was about 2 miles away. We got there just in time to meet up with the rest of Green Eggs and Slams for our team meeting. ASWS 2012 was about to officially get underway! After a team meeting, we headed down to registration and to our first beer garden.

I knew it was going to be a great trip just by how fun this beer garden was!! Where we ran into former-Slams and watched rookie hazing..

     Day2_BeerGarden  Day2_DetroitRookie

**I had a bunch of awesome photos on my phone… this is the only thing that makes me sad about losing the phone were the photos lost Sad smile

After a few hours at the pool, we all showered and met up for the Opening Banquet. It was club and dancing themed, so I busted out my only top with sequins on it.

      Day2_OpeningBanquet  P9280272

This was a party in every way! Lots of dancing!!

P9280274  P9280276

I made it to about 12:30 that night and then decided the next day was already going to be a rough one with an early wake-up call. In hindsight, I’m so glad I called it a night then!!

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