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ASWS 2012- Day 3

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After 2 days of fun, sun, beer, and friendship, it was time for the games to begin. Bright and early Monday morning Green Eggs and Slams headed out to the fields. We were opening our series against a team from Vancouver and we were going to need our wits about us!

Not gonna lie, WOW that wake-up call came early that morning! After finding my way through the maze of a casino we stayed at, I found my team as they waited on one of our guys to go grab his extra jersey. I sat down, put my long socks on, and waited with everyone else. As we headed to the car I realized I didn’t have my cell phone …. womp womp … and it wasn’t there when I got back to our team meeting location. I was gone from it for maybe 3-4 minutes. Again, it wasn’t so much losing the phone (that was just a nuisance), but I was really sad to lose all my photos that had been taken at the opening night party and beer garden…. BOOOOO.

Oh well.

We got out there and like predicted, it was cold! After a quick warm up and stretching we took the field. Day 1 was rough for the Slams. We went 1-3, losing a very close one to another Dallas team Nutz & Honeyz. Losing is never fun, but if we had to do it, at least it was to friends. (Both games against them were really fun!)


Softball is definitely a team sport, but the only thing you can typically control is how well you play and contribute as an individual. I knew going into the Series this year that I would be playing a lot of outfield. Andy had worked with me a few times before we left and I got 100x better at judging balls and felt about 1000000x more comfortable out there. Over the course of the tournament I went 4/5 in the outfield Hot smile there was only 1 I really misjudged (it kept tailing off further and further to the right and I was in left-center field and was hit so deep it almost went out). Of course I had my errors, which held steadfast at 1/day, but to go 4/5 out there I was over the moon. I did my best and that’s all I can hope for!!


Full Disclosure:: Hitting was another story, the first day was my strongest hitting day. On the whole, I hit terribly. On the plus side, I never struck out, and last year I had 1 strike out each day.

The first day’s worth of games ended early because we had buses to catch to get to the Mystery Party! On a beach at Lake Tahoe we enjoyed food, beers, a whiffle-ball home run tournament (Marcus made the finals!!), and absolutely gorgeous views!

       P9290306   P9290295

       Day3_MysteryParty3   P9290297

I don’t usually get car sick, but along the way out there I got an absolutely wicked case of it. So I had to pass on the sunset boat ride, but I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was out there. This year’s party definitely trump’s last years. No contest!

P9290292   Day3_MysteryParty2

Random fun fact: My parent’s actually went on their honeymoon to Lake Tahoe 30 years ago at the end of this month Smile


It was a great night with great people!! (And after a few hours, my stomach calmed down and I was able to really enjoy it!)

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