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ASWS 2012- Day 4

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Day 2 of play brought more of the same for Green Eggs and Slams. In our second match-up with Nutz and Honeyz we were on the fun side of a close game!

We actually started the game with a shot of “honey”…

       Day4_Shot3    Day4_shot4

Bottom’s up! (check out my face in the pic on the right below…. wowzers I don’t do shots well anymore! That is, if I ever did them well at all.)

       Day4_Shot2    Day4_Shot

My dominating outfield prowess continued.. (and by “dominating” I just mean I caught the two fly balls hit to me and didn’t cost us the game Winking smile) My hitting went from “meh” to “abysmal” this day. I started swinging a lighter bat hoping that that was the issue with hitting a bigger ball. After the switch I was only mildly more successful.

During a break between games, Marcus offered up his announcer skills and called the first inning or so of Nutz and Honeyz vs (someotherteam). That may have been the funniest few minutes of the entire trip.

       Day4_Softball2    Day4_Softball

This was our 5 game day, and we ended up going 2-3 over the course of the day. By the end of the day the heat was pretty sweltering. As hot as playing softball in Texas is in August, on the turf it felt about 10x hotter. I was definitely ready to sit in some air conditioning after we were done that day!

In the car on the way back to the resort, Jason, Marcus, Vic, and I rode behind a team from Austin’s van. They were doing their version of “Call Me Maybe” and from our end it was hilarious!!

Since this was our team dinner night, we headed out to a local brewery called Silver Peak. I had the ahi tuna salad and it was DELICIOUS! I also had their Oktoberfest and enjoyed it.

The food this year was actually really good all around. Yes, we had McDonald’s for breakfast (and yes it’ll likely be next ASWS before I eat their breakfast again… it was the first time I’d eaten it since last year’s trip!), but the club house at Golden Eagle Park was amazing. I was able to get chicken and grilled steak salads for lunch that had real veggies on them and not just a handful of iceberg lettuce with grated carrots. While I love love love potatoes (ie french fries), if and when I eat them for lunch I feel lethargic and sleepy the rest of the day. Last year I would choke down bland turkey sandwiches because I knew I had to eat, but it wasn’t enjoyable. The food this year was able to really fuel me without weighing me down for the afternoon. And it was nice to balance out the English muffin, egg, and iced coffee fast-food breakfast I was consuming each day.

That night there was a Dallas party and a late-night beer garden at the resort. Angel and I lasted a few hours out there, and then went to “gamble” with some of the Dallas folk. Dave taught me how to play blackjack! I didn’t end up jumping into the game, but at least I know how to for next year. I’m not a huge gambler by any stretch of the imagination… usually playing Fantasy Football and March Madness pools about covers it for me.. but this was fun and I’d definitely be game to join in next time.

Once again right around midnight I was doneski. I don’t know what it is about these trips, but even when I’m not paying attention to the time my body hits a wall right around midnight and I’m just done.

We had our last day in front of us and we wanted to go out with a bang! And I made my pitching debut, so beauty rest seemed that much more important!! (Full disclosure: Saying I was “pitching” was a total excuse, I was absolutely exhausted by 1am and just wanted to go to bed. ….sorry, Dave!)

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