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I love Halloween (actually.. let’s be honest, I love holidays in general. Any excuse to get together with friends and families to celebrate = I’m in! Throw in costumes and I love it!! I’m actually shocked I don’t have any previous Halloween posts on this blog, they’re a big part of my fall each year.)

After bouncing around the metroplex for most of last year’s Halloween festivities, I decided this year to commit to and agree to hit up only two. That way I wouldn’t be staring at my watch making sure I didn’t run over on my pre-determined time at each place and I could actually enjoy it Smile (as any long-time reader or friend knows, cramming too many things into a tight time frame is running problem for me! I’m really working on smelling-the-roses more often, I swear!)

Each year a group of friends hosts an apartment crawl through a big apartment complex area in Dallas. Last year, I arrived just in time to get to participate only at the end so this year I was for certain going to be there at the start. It was a BLAST! Stop #1 was “House of the I!!!!!!!!” as Derek called it, or Pete’s place.

                   VillageCrawl3     image_2 

Side note: I was a crayon! I kept getting called a …. piece of male anatomy … throughout the evening. And not just once, but this happened at least a dozen times!

After spending a few hours there catching up we headed on over to Jerome & Marissa’s to keep it going. Eddie had made jello-shot cupcakes, actual cupcakes with jello and a shot mixed into the batter. It gave the cupcake a kick and made the batter moist and delicious.

     VillageCrawl1  VillageCrawl2

After watching the Irish win (UGH!) and hanging out some more, I was off to Tepperpaloozaween.

Matt and Greg replicated their birthday party success for a big Halloween party. It was pretty epic-ally fun. (Yes, it’s a word!)

image_3 image_6 image_7

Sam went as Mario, complete with a kickball fireball! By far his best costume since his days as a ninja turtle. Lauren was a housewife, Henri was Clark Kent. Angel was a Dark Angel, Scottie was a replacement ref, Marcus was Mike Napoli and Kate was Starla. And the host himself… Turd Ferguson.


Lexi, Brian, Kristin, Carly, Jana, and so many more people were there. It was a great time! I hope they do it again next year (*hint not-so-subtle hint*)

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