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Eff Yeah 2012

Wow 2012 is just about over! I mean, really, WOW. This year flew by faster than even last year, and I wasn’t sure that would ever be possible. So many awesome memories, I met some amazing people, took some fabulous trips, and in general go to experience all kinds of new things. If you remember last year, I composed an Eff Yeah list. This list is, “…that list of badass things you accomplished throughout the past 12 months – big and small – that makes you want to dance naked around the kitchen with pride.” For example, in 2011, I paid off my car. That was definitely EFF YEAH worthy!

Looking back on that list this morning it made me smile. Not to sound too conceited, but it was a “yay, me!” moment Smile

So without further ado, here is my list of things that made me say “EFF YEAH” this year!

1. I found a job I really do love, and am able to do very well. EFF YEAH!
2. I figured out my budget and how to balance getting-out-of-debt.
3. Finding a workout and fitness routine that works for me and my busy schedule, and learning how to properly fuel myself along the way.
5. I got to travel: US Virgin Islands, NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Purdue, Reno, Austin, and Houston.
6. Seeing both sets of Purdue friends multiple times this year, a great year!
7. Enjoying each and every day for the hilarity and challenges it brings! (sappy, but completely true!)
8. Lots of Ranger games. I heart baseball.
9. Enjoying the ASWS even more than last year, and looking forward to making it an annual trip.
10. Balancing friends, family, job, and responsibilities well. It’s crazy, but I wouldn’t change a minute of it!

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