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“Sometimes being an adult sucks”

Angel turned and said the title of this post to me earlier this morning, and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, it really does suck. Now to be fair, the vast majority of the time being an adult doesn’t bother me at all. I have a lot of fun with my friends, I have a great job, I get to play sports, run, and in general stay active a lot. Really, I acknowledge how lucky I have it.

But I’m not a Stepford-wife-drone either. Sometimes things, well, suck.

I started looking for a new place to live last weekend. I know my budget, I have a tentative list of what I’m looking for, so it seemed like a good and fairly benign idea to start browsing and just get a gist of what is out there. And for whatever reason, the entire process feels (and felt) a little overwhelming.

Now admittedly, work is really stressful and I have a LOT of balls in the air there right now. And admittedly, when I get really stressed about one area of my life the stress can and does spill over to other areas of my life that aren’t “settled”. Yes, admittedly this is not the most ideal time to be house/duplex/apartment hunting. UGH!

Really, why do there have to be so many different options and things to think about? Why do pros and cons of different things have to carry the same weight, making the decision between the two THAT much more difficult? Can it not just be a form I fill out and the perfect solution appear on my screen after the click of a ‘submit’ button?? UGH!

Ok, that’s off my chest. </rant>

I’m happy there are options out there for me to look at. I’m happy I have a budget that’s workable, and one that will get me closer to attaining my big new years resolution for 2013. I’m happy the somewhat-stressful living situation I’m in now won’t be lasting that much longer.

I’m going to physically go look at places this Saturday with a couple close girlfriends so hopefully that will take some of the anxiety and weight off of my shoulders to get this taken care of. (Which btw, Alana, Lexi, and K2 are amazing! I can’t imagine this is going to actually be a fun errand for any of them!!) Until then I can put my nervous energy into making my list of places to go look at.

What am I looking for? Here’s what I have so far. These are most important.

  1. Keep my rent as close as possible to $650/month! That’s what I pay now. I can afford up to $800/month, but I don’t want to extend above that. At $800/month I will go without cable again.
  2. Safety. Clearly living alone, I don’t want to be someplace scary.
  3. In unit washer/dryer hookups. I don’t own my own washer or dryer, but I would rent them. It’s worth the $$ to me to have a washer and drying in my unit/house/duplex.
  4. Covered parking for my car. My car is my only asset right now, and it’s still worth a chunk of money. I’ve done a good job of taking care of it, and with the hail storms we get over the summer, I want to keep it protected.

Here are the nice-to-haves.

  1. Not a giant apartment complex, in an ideal world I can find a 1 bed/1 bath duplex or 4-plex in the same general area I’m living in
  2. Location. Ideally I’d like to stay close to where I am, I’m currently in a great location and I love living there.
  3. Easy access for friends. I love to have people over, I really do love hosting parties/gatherings/etc. If it’s difficult for people to find parking, or if I live out of the way for most of my friends, the likelihood decreases I’ll be able to successfully get back to regularly hosting things at my house.
  4. Safe neighborhood to run in. Yes, I want to live somewhere safe, but a save place to live in and a safe place to go running in are two different things. I could feel safe within the complex, but still not want to run out in the neighborhood. This wouldn’t at all be a deal breaker, but it would be a nice-to-have.

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