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Bachelorette #SteeleRod

Posts seem to be getting further apart instead of closer together, I’m really trying to curb that but working til midnight+ each night has me wanting to shut down my computer and make a mad dash to my bed as soon as I possibly can each night!

This past weekend though I did want to write down as soon as I could so I don’t forget anything Smile this past weekend was Nadia’s bachelorette party out in Sonoma, CA!

photo 1

Definitely not a bad view to wake up to on Saturday morning!

After catching a late afternoon flight out to San Francisco with Julie and meeting up with Kristin, we hit the road and headed up to wine country. There was some traffic along the way, but not a whole lot we could do about it, so we found a good station on the radio and the three of us caught up with one another. After an amazingly delicious dinner on the town square of in Sonoma, we headed back to the house we rented (which could warrant a post all its own), we pretty much all crashed. How is traveling so exhausting sometimes?!

The van and driver we’d rented picked us up at 10am the next day and we headed out to Barrel Tasting. Barrel Tasting is tasting wines that are still in barrels, but aren’t ready to be bottled. They still need time to ferment. But if you like the taste of it now, you’ll in theory like it even more when it’s finished. They call it buying “futures”. What really made this awesome for me was that I got to go to entirely new places, we didn’t go to a single vineyard/winery that I’d been to before.

photo 8  photo 4  photo 12

We made it to 6 places::

  • Baletto Vineyards
    • Our first stop and where I promptly broke my glass and cut my thumb after no more than a sip of wine!
  • Sunce Winery
    • LOTS of different wine to try there! And while I didn’t partake, the rest of the group loved the eggs benedict they were passing around
  • De Loache Winery
    • We watched a guy make barrels and we sat and sipped wine out on the patio
  • Hook & Ladder Winery
    • This place had chocolates out to taste!
  • Kendall Jackson Winery
    • We rushed in and out of here, delicious pizza to taste but I thought the wine was only ok
  • Christopher Creek Winery
    • Wasn’t a huge fan of the wine, but the view here was fantastic!

          photo 6  photo 5

We ended the day sipping wine and watching the sunset on the valley. And watching Nadia’s soon-to-be-cousin-Jessica go bananas seeing deer. While the girls were outside, Julie and I snuck inside and put up some mild decorations… it isn’t a proper bachelorette party without some … ahem .. accoutrements!

                          photo 15  photo 14

The house we stayed in was very interesting. It was one of those dome houses with lots of windows. And the décor in the house was even more unique than the house itself! We think the owners of the house must be film critics as there were DVDs for all of this year’s Oscar nominated films when they aren’t even out on DVD yet. There were also official “for your consideration’” stickers on them. With that in mind, we kind of wonder if the house was decorated with props from movies. Random angels, carousel horses, awkward family photos strewn about the house. On the drive up to the house itself there was a giant dolphin up in the tree and a big alien down by the driveway.

          photo 16  photo 18 

We slept in on Sunday, cleaned up the house, and hit the road back to San Francisco. We had enough time to stop at the Golden Gate bridge and snap a few photos. And I finally learned how to use the panorama setting on my phone.

photo 20

Not too shabby for a camera phone! And there were of course a few photos with people in them Smile

photo 21

In an epic-girl-fail moment, I just showered and packed in the morning and totally let my hair air dry. If I’d thought for a moment we would be taking photos I would have put more effort in Sad smile. Next to my lovely and put-together friends I think I look a little homeless. Ha! Maybe that will become a 2014 resolution… to act/look more like an adult Eye rolling smile

Michelle has the shot of the big group pic, hopefully I’ll get a copy soon and can include it below!

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