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2013 Resolutions Check-In

I’d say I’ve been putting this off… but life has been too nuts to even sit and think about my resolutions. Remember how I had the time and energy to be on top of my goals last year?! Hmmm that was nice!

Well we’re almost 1/4 of the way through 2013, how am I doing on my resolutions? Let’s just say I could be doing better…

  • Travel moreCheck!
    • Just last weekend I went I Sonoma, CA for Nadia’s bachelorette. I’m planning on going to Austin a few times (for sure in May), hopefully North Carolina for the 4th of July, Indiana in August, LA in late September. I’m trying to sneak a quick trip to somewhere in to June… we’ll see how that develops!
  • Get back into running shapeSort-of Check!
    • I trained for and ran the 15k the weekend of the Hot Chocolate (I didn’t end up running the race, I was moving that month and between 2 rent payments it was smarter to just go out and run the distance and save myself the $65). I was running twice a week and while it wasn’t fast, I was really proud of myself for getting out there. There were definitely some disgusting mornings that even I am surprised that I got my butt out the door!!
  • PatienceEpic Fail
    • Maybe this is just my temperament, but I’m too much “to get Y done, I need to do X”, and then I go do it. In a lot of ways I’ve had to relax about a lot of things. There are only so many hours in a day, and I’ve definitely found my limits of what is and what isn’t accomplishable and not to stress too much about it.
  • DebtCheck!
    • There is nothing on this list that I’m more proud of than this. Despite a month with a move and 2 rent checks, despite planning and taking a trip to California, I’ve been able to stick to my stricter budget and make big strides towards knocking that debt out. It honestly may not be entirely feasible to get it knocked out before the end of the year, but I’ll be darn close if I can stick to it like I have been! I’ve even been able to put money into savings each week Smile
  • WeightsEpic Fail
    • I haven’t lifted a weight since the end of January, and I can feel it. Combine that with my lack of running and my body feels tired and lethargic. Exercise helps me keep my sanity during stressful times, I know I need to do better than this moving forward.
  • ReadingEpic Fail
    • I haven’t finished a book yet in 2013. I’m often too tired and racing to bed at night. I wouldn’t make it through more than a few pages anyway. Hopefully in the next month I’m able to change this around, there are a bunch of good books on my want-to-read list!
  • BloggingSort-of Check!
    • I was able to meet this goal for January and I know that I’ll hit it for March. But I totally dropped the ball on February. Looking back on it though I launched 3 major websites, did a decent job of keeping up with my part-time job, moved, unpacked, and snuck a few hours for sleep here and there.

I actually thought this list would be full of epic-fails, but it’s really not. I know the insanity the past few months have been for me and to even hit any of the goals feels like a huge accomplishment right now.

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