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An Austin Wedding

Well several weeks after writing about Nadia and Cory’s rehearsal dinner.. I finally get to write about the actual ceremony!

We woke up Saturday morning to a still-rainy Austin. After making a quick stop at Starbucks, Kristin and I headed to get our hair done. Reser and Nadia were already there. I was set-up in the back room and while I was initially bummed to be so separated from the rest of the party (they were all up front in a completely different room), the lady who did my hair was hilarious! She asked me how I wanted it, and I told her up and away from my face. Maybe a curly bun off to the side? I told her to have some fun with it and I’m game to try something different. She got really excited about that, and ended up doing a great job! It was a little bouffant-y, but still fun and quirky and nothing I would have been able to do on my own. Perfecto!

We all got done a little early, and the sun finally came out, so we walked over to a little food cart stand across the street and listened to some live music. We also had time for, and so we enjoyed, a pre-wedding beer Smile


When we finished, it was time to head over to the venue, Green Pastures. We all got dressed in the upstairs room, and Nadia’s cousin Eva did my makeup. She is really good at it, and it looked fabulous. And we sipped on some champagne as we got ready. Eva and Rita described their adventures that morning getting their hair and make-up done. Eva is an awesome story teller and the moral of the story is.. “If make-up has peptides in it.. YOU BUY IT!”


Before we knew it, it was time to head down and get the ceremony started. We all walked in, and after all the joking around in the hallway with the rest of the wedding party, it was super difficult keeping a straight face walking down the aisle with a straight face.

      Serious Nicl  Wedding Friends

Nick officiated the ceremony, and did a great job. It was awesome watching one of my best friends get married by another of our close friends. Very special and very sweet! Nadia’s brother, Andrew, and Cory’s sister, Sarah, both got up and did awesome jobs with their readings. Short, sweet, and very sentimental.

And BAM, Nadia and Cory officially became husband and wife Smile


We headed outside, where it had FINALLY stopped raining and the sun was out, to take pictures.

Wedding Party

A few clicks of the camera later, and the bar opened and the reception officially began. Nick and Melanie, and myself, sat with my parents and the Kuntz’s. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed having my parents there. They’re always involved with my sister and her friends, but it feels like they were never really a part of my social circle, and they rarely travel. So that they actually made the trip down to Austin was really cool. They hadn’t seen my friends since at least college!

After dinner we got our dance on. And I really mean got it on! Sarah was out there in heels and 7 months pregnant and getting DOWN with her family on the dance floor. What an amazing family that Nadia joined! I’m so happy for her.

   Dancing  Bride

We danced and drank til the reception ended and then headed down to 6th Street to keep the night going. After about an hour down there, we packed up the car and headed back to the house. We all stood around the kitchen counter in the rental house hanging out and chatting. Slowly, one by one, folks started heading to bed. Thomas, Marco, and I were the last ones up and the three of us stood around talking about everything and nothing all at the same time. How many times the 3 of us sat on the back porch at the Turnages doing that over the years I’m not sure. More times than I can count, but with moves and work and all the other adult-real-life things going on, it had been years since that had happened. I was exhausted and definitely reading for bed, but at the same time was completely content since this doesn’t happen very often anymore. Finally around 3am, I called it a night and left the boys to their own devices.

The next morning Marco, Drew, Julie, Nadia, Andrew, and Mr. King met up at Black Star Co-Op for a late lunch. We laughed about the night before, heard about some of Mr. King’s shenanigans in Seattle, and just in general relaxed. It was a great way to wrap up the weekend. Soon enough it was time to head back to Dallas, with a 3hr drive in front of us, Marco and I said our good-byes and got moving.

To my best friend, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Cory is a great guy and you two are a wonderful match. I’m so lucky to have been a part of your special day Smile


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