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Book Review: YA Novels

It’s been awhile since I was posting regularly.. as as of my last resolutions check-in, it had been forever since I’d read a book. Going into May, I hadn’t read a book since JANUARY! Who am I?! That’s just ridiculous giving how much I love to read.

At the end of April I was wandering through the book section at Target looking for something new to try. And while I know you aren’t supposed to ‘judge a book by it’s cover’, the cover of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones grabbed my eye. I read the back of it and skimmed a few pages. I was looking for something silly and entertaining, by no means was I looking for anything that would require focus and concentration! So I went home and downloaded it to my iPad. I have to say, the first half of the first book was exceptionally cheesy. Even though it came out back in 2009, everything felt done. It was as if Twilight had met Harry Potter. The themes, the characters, etc. But I have a weird habit of needing to finish books I start.. so I kept reading. And I’m glad I did! Over the course of the next 7 weeks (amidst the craziest/most stressful/exhausting stint I’ve ever had at work), I read all 5 books in the series and I’m anxiously anticipating the release of the 6th book this fall. All the books were a little slow getting started, but the writing got better with each and I could and did easily get lost in the story. I was thoroughly entertained, and found myself reading a chapter or two before falling asleep each night. It was a great way to unwind and de-stress my brain so that the day’s overwhelming anxiety and stress wouldn’t keep me awake all night. And about this time I realized they turned the first book into a movie and it’s being released in August. Absolutely I’m going to see it (and I’m going to drag Mary with me… she’ll like!)

Summary: If you have the patience to get through the first book, you will be entertained throughout. Full disclosure that it is a bit of a struggle to get there! It’s painfully bad at some points in that first book.

After reading Caitlin’s YA Dystopian Series post, I was curious to try a few more books of the same genre. I mean I love love LOVED the Divergent Trilogy. So why not? Oddly enough, even though Cailtin said The Maze Runner was her least favorite of the group, the storyline interested me the most. So I downloaded it and gave it a go. And while I’ve only read the first book, I’m really not all that inclined to read the rest. It was a great idea for the story, but even with somewhat of a cliffhanger-ending, it doesn’t bother me that I don’t know what happens next. It was a quick and easy read, but I doubt I’ll read the rest of the series.

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