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Cupcake Wedding

In the midst of my crazy June, between Nadia and Cory’s wedding and winning the summer DSMA tournament, I watched my old friend, Jason ‘Cupcake’ Hagen marry his fiancé, Jen.

photo 5

It was a beautiful traditional wedding. Jen looked fabulous and Jason was happier than I ever saw him!

After Meredith and Derek’s baby shower that morning, I met Lexi and Alana at a salon to get our nails done. Afterwards we head back to my apartment to do hair/makeup and in general hang out before the big night ahead.

                      photo 1 (6)   photo 3 (3)

Alana found some cake flavored vodka, which seemed appropriate given it was Cupcake’s wedding. We sipped while Lexi went to work doing make-up for Alana and myself. Andy met up with us and not too long after we were headed to Uptown for the ceremony. They got married at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Grygar was an usher in the wedding and (in all my lady-like grace) I said ‘what up!’ to him… only I forgot I was in a Church and it echoes and of course it reverberated throughout. These are the things that only happen to me! A few minutes later and the ceremony started.

                   photo 2 (5)   photo 4

It seemed like only a few minutes later that they were proclaimed man & wife. Holy cow! Jason is married!!

The reception was a blast! We were all seated together at the same table. As Jen’s parents walked around introducing themselves, they remarked, “You all must be the softball team. We were told to seat you all closest to the bar.” It was hilarious, of course Jason was looking out for us! We then danced, laughed, and in general had a great time before heading to Tepperpalooza 4. Grygar and I two-stepped to a Zac Brown song.. and I only stepped on his feet a handful of times. I’ll consider that a success!!


A lifetime of love and happiness to the Hagens!

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