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2013 Resolutions Check-In

Part of me has been dreading this a little bit, but being the end of the year it’s time I check back in on my resolutions. I’ve always loved goals (yay goals!!) and this year I didn’t quite get where I needed or wanted to be. So spoiler alert, let’s just say I could be doing better and several of these will be on the 2014 resolutions list…

  • Travel moreCheck!
    • This one I did a great job at this year! Nothing international, but I got to bounce around and experience a bunch of different areas of the country this year! Booyah!!
  • Get back into running shapeEpic Fail!
    • I started off the year kicking butt at this, I ran in the Hot Chocolate 15k and smoked my old PR at that distance. But that was back in February and never caught back up after that. That race is on my list again for 2014, it was a fun one to run!
  • PatienceUndecided
    • This is a hard one to really evaluate, and since it’ll re-appear on 2014’s resolution list then I guess it’s a ‘fail’. So many things happened this year that were totally and completely out of my control. And not just out of control, but I couldn’t even prepare or do anything to prep for them to happen. (<- Hahaha somewhat a nightmare for a type-A-er). Back before this year, and before I started at this job, I used to have a good amount of patience. It used to be something I was pretty good at, and I think in the past year I let too many things get to me and get under my skin. I’ll try again in 2014 to take a deep breath and keep some perspective.
  • DebtEpic Fail!
    • Yep, just like last check-in, this one hasn’t changed all that much. The first quarter of the year I was really kicking butt at this! Between the car accident, a bunch of unforeseen and some forseen expenses, I netted back out at a zero here. It didn’t get worse, but I didn’t make the headway I wanted to in this. On the plus side, after moving into a new apartment and having my rent almost double what it was, I was able to figure out and stick with the new budget. I’m pretty happy with myself about this last part!
  • WeightsEpic Fail!
    • I haven’t been regular at. all. about it. There have been a few weeks here and there where I stuck with it, but for the most part in general, working out took a back seat to the rest of the craziness of the year. That will definitely change in 2014!
  • ReadingCHECK!
    • Unlike the others, I absolutely nailed this one out of the park!! I’ve read a lot and read a bunch of new and different things. Hopefully I can keep this up next year
  • BloggingSort-of Check!
    • Nope, another not-so-bueno ones. I did well-ish with this the first half of the year and then it completely disappeared over the summer. Honestly a lot happened I didn’t really know how to write about it, and then I was so over-the-top-overwhelmingly-busy that I didn’t have time to sit and think about it. By the time I had time again, I was so back-logged I didn’t even try.

Clearly this wasn’t the year for resolutions for me! I’ll try again next year. But there were a lot of positives that came out of this year. I’m not completely down on myself … even though looking at the lack of green color up there isn’t exactly making me happy! I gained a lot of valuable experience this year. I learned a lot about myself, about life, and things had to be snapped into perspective a few times. But I think I got it, or at least I think I’m mentally more ready for those surprises. Or maybe it’s all just wishful-thinking! But at least having gone through this stuff once, if it does ever happen again, at least I’ll have something to look back on and know I got through it. Things can only go up from here, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited for 2014 to get here tomorrow!

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