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2014 Resolutions

A new clean slate, yep, I’ll take it. I’m pretty psyched to mentally have 2013 end! A lot of these are carry overs, but I really wanted to nail them last year and they were important enough to want to try them again. With a little more focus, I’m really hoping I get there! Goals are good!!

  • Travel more, at least once internationally and ideally someplace new
    • Self explanatory. Bring on the adventure and new experiences!
  • Get back into running shape and run at least one race a quarter
    • Hot Chocolate 15k is on the agenda for February. Other than that, I’d like to run in at least a 5k every quarter. I thought about making this every month, but that seemed like a lot to commit to given everything else that I know will go on. The goal needs to be do-able
  • Patience
    • Like I mentioned in my re-cap, I couldn’t decide if it was a success or failure. I really need to take a deep breath sometimes, and I really did not do well with that in 2013. My job is stressful, so this year I really want to try and focus on not letting it and everything else get me so sped up that I look back on weeks and months and wonder where the time went because all I did was sit on my laptop or phone working. I know this will be a challenging goal for me! I don’t really know how to measure this, so there’s no real tangible way to know. But I think mentally I’ll know at the end of next year if I succeeded. There’s a fine line between having patience and being passive, and I went from one end of the spectrum to the other over the past few years. Now just to find my own personal happy-medium!
  • Cut debt in half
    • Alright getting out of debt was a huge-reach goal for last year, probably too ambitious. Let’s see if I can halve it and still find a way to plan and save accordingly. I re-worked my budget and even with some unexpect-eds, I should be able to hit this. It’s just a question of doing it!
  • Get 4 solid workouts in each week
    • I know time is at a premium, I don’t have the time to spend an hour a day at the gym. I have about 30-45 minutes each day to get something in so I’ll need to be diligent about what I do, but I want to hit the magic number 4 each week with a mix of weights, HIIT (<- love those!), and more biking/running.
  • Bring breakfast/lunch to work at least 3 days a week
    • I was terrible about this in 2013. I’d race out the door and many many times purchased breakfast and lunch out. It would give me an excuse to get up and leave my desk so I usually enjoyed the break. If I didn’t get the break, I ended up not eating lunch. That unfortunately happened way too often!! I like to cook and I very rarely end up eating dinner out, I should be able to do this with my other meals.
  • Blogging once a month
    • I’ve been doing this since 2008, it would be a real shame to let this die at this point!
  • Do at least 4 things this year that really scare me
    • By scare me, I really mean pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I don’t need or want to be doing anything really dangerous, but it’s good to push myself in new ways.
  • Kick the soda habit… again
    • I’ve done this twice and gone several months without any soda. Both times I’ve slipped back into this. I know I can do it, just a question of pushing myself through a few rough days at first.

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