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2014 Resolutions Check-In: Three Months In

Well we are just about a quarter of the way through 2014 (side note, can you believe the year is already a quarter over?!). Life has actually calmed down substantially since 2013. Work has found a calm rhythm, if not a little slow, but knowing how much it’s about to pick up over the summer definitely has me enjoying the last little bit of non-crazy! I do have to say I’ve been absolutely nailing my resolutions so far. I hope I can keep this up!

So how am I doing on my resolutions?

  • Travel more, at least once internationally and ideally someplace new – Check!
    • I’ve spent a weekend in Austin and one in DC. And with a trip to Ireland in the works for the end of the summer, I’d say I’m hitting this one. I do need a couple more weekend trips on the agenda, but have no doubt that I can get that going!
  • Get back into running shape and run at least one race a quarter – Sort-of check
    • I’m not quite back completely into running shape, but with the warmer weather I have been running more regularly. There is definitely a correlation between the two with me!
  • Patience – Check!
    • This one was going to be hardest one for me on this list… and I really do think I’ve done a really good job at this since the last check-in. I’m pleased with it so far.
  • Cut debt in half – Check!
    • A good friend of mine is becoming a Financial Planner, so taking that step to get some more ‘legit’ guidance on the best strategy to knock this out is a big one. It’ll only get better from here!
  • Get 4 solid workouts in each week – Check!
    • Definitely still nailing this one!! I joined a gym about 3 weeks ago and have been alternating doing spin classes and swimming in the morning. I’ll still lift when I get home from work a couple times a week and I’ve been going for long bike rides on the weekend. I also got a Fitbit and have been loving all the metrics it spits out.
  • Bring breakfast/lunch to work at least 3 days a week – Check!
    • I’ve done really well with this the past few weeks! I should tally to see the savings as motivation to keep going!!
  • Blogging once a month – Sort-of-check
    • Ehhhhh I’ve posted twice so far in the 3 months of 2014. I think that speaks for itself. But looking at the schedule coming up I think I should be able to post a little more regularly.
  • Do at least 4 things this year that really scare me – Check!
    • I absolutely NAILED this one. I really put myself out there and it didn’t work out in my favor. It hit one of my resolutions, but it does make me question wanting to fulfill this this resolution.. We’ll see what the next quarter has to bring!
  • Kick the soda habit… again – Check!
    • DONE!! I gave up caffeine for Lent and (of course) soda is included. There was an awful lot going on personally that first week of Lent so I was too distracted to really notice. Do I miss it? Yes and no. I really notice a difference that I don’t constantly feel a little bloated, but it’s so hard to find something to drink other than water. I don’t want to swap chemical-sugars in soda for chemical-sugars in juice or Lipton teas. Even the MIO products are just a bunch of chemicals. I haven’t figured out that dilemma yet. So so far it’s been water, beer, and wine. Definitely rough life!

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