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Michigan Bucket List

Yep, I blinked and all of a sudden it went from April to the end of June!! Holy bananas!

There were softball games, a bike injury, crawfish boils, days spent poolside, and lots of laughing and hanging around with friends. The biggest change actually came on the work-front though.. and I got the opportunity to spend 6 weeks up at our corporate office in Michigan! That’s where I am now writing this. Initial thoughts… it’s AMAZING up here!

Now, it’s been highs in the 80s (!!), light breezes, quick thunderstorms, ability to walk to work, working in our office and not onsite at my client, and new projects and challenges. I also am playing on the Team Detroit softball team, so it’s a little like life at home. It’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve only been here a week at this point… so this is still shiny and new!

One of my coworkers put together a ‘Michigan Bucket List’ of things I needed to complete while I am here. And since I’m actually in town this weekend, I’m excited to get started tackling some of the more adventurous ones on the list. I’m only actually here in Michigan for 2 of my 5 weekends, so I’ll admit it’s ambitious. But I love a challenge.. so bring it on!

The ones in green are ones I’ve already done, the ones in yellow are the ones I’m doing this weekend and early next week.

1. Explore Kensington (bike + kayak)

2. Explore Stoney Creek (bike + hiking trails)

3. Explore Island Lake (Bike and paddleboard)

4. Bike Belle Isle

5. Softball

6. Trivia 

7. Fun Foodie Dinner in Birmingham

8. Detroit City FC

9. Eastern Market Saturday AM in Detroit

10. Explore downtown Rochester- hit up Lipuma’s Coney and Shake at Knapp’s Dairy Bar

11. Full day in Ann Arbor- get lost at UofM enjoy a nice lunch and dinner in city

12. Live Music

13. Visit DIA or 9b49 with coworkers

14. Tiger Game

15. Visit West Side of Michigan (planned for 2nd weekend of July with Kim & Douger)

16. Go to CANADA!

17. Greektown for Greek food

18. Middle Eastern food at Anita’s

19. Valentine Distillery- Ferndale

20. Griffin Claw- Birmingham

21. Cadieux Cafe- feather bowling

22. Buy something uniquely Detroit from the Detroit Shoppe, Shinola, Willy’s, City Bird

23. Try some Detroit BBQ at Slows, or Red Smoke

24. Ferndale Bar Crawl

25. Sign up for local triathlon or 5k

26. Hit at least 4 of 6 Breweries that don’t include Griffin Claw or ROB: ideas include: Lily’s, WAB, Bastone, Rochester Mills, Keuhnnen, Atwater

27. Adopt a Metro Detroit bar to become a ‘regular’ at while in town

28. Eat a burger from red coat tavern and mercury and tell us your favorite burger

29. Head to Port Huron for the Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat Race day festivities and day at beach on Lake Huron

30. Comedy show night with coworkers

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