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Michigan Bucket List Item #25–Run a Race

Wow 2 posts just a couple days apart?! Insanity. That hasn’t happened in years!

I knocked a couple things off of my Michigan Bucket list last weekend and had a blast doing it. The first thing I tackled was to run a race. I found a 5k being run in Huntington Woods, which was walking distance from where I’m staying. (I also quickly found out “walking distance” means very different things in Texas than it does here as I walked 2 miles each way, 4 miles round trip, to get to and from the race!)

It was a super small race, so I got there about 15 minutes before it started, grabbed my bib and shirt and walked over to the start line to get started. Amazing! In the entire race, there were maybe 50 people?


I usually run in the mornings, and honestly usually don’t eat anything before I go. That morning I had half a Lara bar and some water and headed out. Big mistake! I’d checked the temperature, but never looked at the humidity. I was getting lightheaded pretty early in the race. And then I realized I’d made mistake number two… I didn’t have my ID, insurance card, or any $$ on me. I’d pulled all three pieces out and put them into my bike bag for my ride, but didn’t have them on me when I left for the race. Way to be a responsible 30 year old adult, Liz!


The first mile went by fairly quickly, but I could definitely feel that I didn’t have enough fuel in me. Despite that, I actually threw down great times for the first two miles and both of them came in at 10 min/miles!! Third mile I totally crashed and run/walked. I really didn’t want to pass out on the course, so I let up. I finished in 33:17. Especially for being a runner who never-ever-ever enjoyed running for time, I was very pleased with how I did all things considered. AND I know what not to do next time.

The homes in Huntington Woods were gorgeous. It actually reminded me of where I live in Dallas with lots of German architecture, big trees, and brick homes with some siding. Everything was maintained really well, and clean. I bet their HOA is very particular! And there were some bigger homes than what I’ve seen so far in Michigan, but no crazy McMansions or anything over the top. When you live in Dallas where everything needs to be so grandiose, it’s really refreshing to see these modest and very well kept homes. Seems so much more real-life and down to earth. Getting to see (read: stalk) another part of a new city is always fun, and it definitely made the race go by so much faster!!


Needless to say at the end, I definitely was ready for some food, and was really excited to have a bunch of water, a banana, and some plum-like fruit at the finish. It was delicious! Perfect cap to the day.

And I’m learning to embrace the selfie while I’m here. Since I’ll be doing a good amount of these bucket list items solo, I just need to get over it. I’ll giggle at myself, but oh well, it is what it is.

First item to be checked off the list, success!!

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