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Michigan Bucket List Item #1–Explore Kensington Park

Last weekend was full of Michigan bucket list fun. After running the Run Walk Boom 5k Saturday morning, I made the trek north to Kensington Park to check my next item off the list.


The humidity was still pretty brutal and the temperature was still rising, but now it just felt almost like a Texas summer day! A quick spray with my sunscreen and I was good to go.


The trail was roughly 9 miles around, and I looped it twice. It was chalk full of fully-shaded areas, lakeside biking, and it was pretty flat. It was also very twisty-turny and had something I’d never seen before on a bike path… a SPEED LIMIT. At first I definitely scoffed at it. This was ridiculous. But the further into the path I got, the more I realized how necessary it was! There were  a lot of blind corners and it intersected with parking lots quite frequently. If you were really booking it around a corner and there was a biker or runner just outside of site, someone could get really hurt!


I was pleasantly surprised that despite feeling burnt out after the run, I felt great as soon as I got on the bike. The 18 miles flew by and I was back at my car for the last time. At that point I was definitely ready for some real food. I’d definitely go back there if I have time! Especially to kayak and then lay out on the sandy beach area. It’s really fun to get to explore a whole bunch of new places, the shine definitely hasn’t worn off yet a little over 2 weeks into this trip.

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