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Michigan Bucket List #8: Detroit City FC Game

One of the really fun things about exploring a new city is getting to see the funky little traditions that are crazy oh-so-different than what you’re used to. And the Detroit FC game was one of them!! In Detroit they have probably the equivalent to a triple AAA soccer team. This is easily two or three levels down from MLS soccer. Games are held at a big local high school (Cass Tech) in downtown Detroit and they are the Detroit City Football Club.


It was a beautifully sunny 90ish degree Sunday, and me, my boss, and another coworker (along with their wives and kids) packed up and headed down to the game. In short.. what a crazy experience! The games are played on Sunday afternoons/evenings and the $5 tickets sell out most weeks. Not only are they packed with avid Detroit FC fans, but the fans are up dancing/chanting/cheering choreographed cheers. An entire section of the bleachers, is screaming at the top of their lungs and doing dances THE. ENTIRE. GAME. I left the game exhausted from just having watched them! And each time they score, the fans go even more bananas if you even thought that was possible. They fire off smoke bombs and the cheering and chanting get to epically loud levels.


I never ever would’ve found this on my own. I’d call it a grassroots thing, but really, there were 2,000 people there. It wasn’t grassroots or small by any stretch of the imagination! I can only imagine the season ticket holders going into work each Monday morning hoarse and hung over (because oh yeah, there was copious amounts of drinking in this crowd!!). And oh yes, there were season ticket holders, and those that were very proud to tell you about it. Apparently the waiting list to get season tickets is a decent length. Who would’ve ever though?!?

It’s hard comparing two cities, especially when I’m still so new to this one, but what a fun and cool little adventure I had. It’s stuff like this have have made this summer so memorable and an awesome adventure. I’m so fortunate I’ve been able to do it!!

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