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2014 Resolutions Check-In

Well it’s about that time as the year comes to a close to take a peak at where I netted out with my 2014 resolutions. Ha! Spoiler alert that it of course could’ve been better with two of them and they’re going on next year’s list! But with all the life changes that happened this year, on the whole I’m happy with the year. Really, it was a great year from a goals perspective, and I really took advantage of unique opportunities that came along. It was definitely a hard year, and a growing year, but looking back at what I wanted to accomplish this year (and then DID!) helps keep the memories of what was hard at bay. You take the good with the bad, right?

  • Travel more, at least once internationally and ideally someplace new – Check!
    • Done, done, done! I didn’t get to travel internationally, but especially over the summer and fall I was all over the place and very happy with all the adventure. There was a trip to Washington DC, several to Austin, one to San Antonio for the 2014 ASWS, one to Chicago, one to Ohio, several to Indiana, a cross-country road trip, and exploring all-around my new state of Michigan!
  • Get back into running shape and run at least one race a quarter – Check!
    • This turned into the year where I tried out a whole bunch of different types of fitness programs and I ended up really liking it. Because of that, I’m calling this one done! I ran regularly from March-September and then it started getting cold, but I ran two 5Ks and one 10k up here in Michigan in that time. I also did 5 triathlons this year! But I also tried Orangetheory, Crossfit (which I’m still doing!), PiYo, and Convict Conditioning.
  • Patience/Stress Management – Epic Fail
    • This will be a repeat in 2015… I really really struggled hard with this all year and definitely still have a lot left to work on for this. It would be nice if there was an easy way to measure progress in this.. but nope, because that would be too easy! Granted there were a lot of big decisions to make at the end of this year, but patience/stress management went out the door and that completely defeated the purpose of putting this one my resolutions list to begin with. Ha! Oh well, trying again in 2015!!
  • Cut debt in half – Epic Fail!
    • Not even close. This is the one I’m most disappointed in. I had a great time this summer living it up and trying to soak in as many experiences as possible. But unfortunately it affected this resolution. I already know for next year I’m setting some smaller incremental goals to hit it.
  • Get 4 solid workouts in each week – Check!!!
    • Crushed this one! I mentioned it in the running resolution, but I tried a bunch of different types of fitness this year and on the whole I think I stayed healthier for longer without the “all or nothing” mentality that’s plagued me in the past. I’m so proud of this one and feel in a good place to keep going in 2015, and good timing since I have 2 family weddings in 2015.
  • Bring breakfast/lunch to work at least 3 days a week – Check!!
    • Another goal I really crushed this year! It really was the turning point for cooking and bringing food and not spending so much money eating out all the time. This was another one that I’m pretty excited with. This because so regular that I don’t feel the need to include this on the list for next year #gome
  • Blogging once a month – Sort-of check!
    • Yeahhhhh on the whole I blogged more in 2014 than I had in years past BUT I didn’t post once a month. I’m going to keep this on the list for next year.
  • Do at least 4 things this year that really scare me – Check!
    • DONE DONE DONE.  I nailed this one also and spent most of the year pushing myself out of my comfort zone. And for the most part I think it ended well… some were hard and just bad decisions, but I tried! I’m on the fence if this will be on next year’s list or not.
  • Kick the soda habit… again – Check!
    • DONE! I waivered back and forth, but mentally I know I’ve kicked it. I have one occasionally (like when my dad offers me a glass with a cold one in it to be hospitable) but I went through two 3+ month stretches without them. I did start occasionally drinking coffee, but it might be once or twice a week. I also started drinking some tea. This one definitely doesn’t need to be included on next year’s list.

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