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2015 Resolutions Check-In–1 month in

Welp, 1 month into the year and how am I doing? Better in some areas than I expected, but ok overall. Here’s to the shortest month of the year, let’s see what kind of damage I can do to these goals if I really sit and focus for the next 28 days of February!!

  • Sit for and earn my PMP – Check! 
    • I can’t really do anything about this until at least April, but I’ve done my research for what paperwork needs to be filled out and how to study for the test!
  • Patience/Stress Management – Check! 
    • This one has really surprised me, I’ve been kicking butt here! It hasn’t been a super stressful month by any means but still I hope to keep this going!!
  • Make a big dent in debt – Check! 
    • I set up a Mint.com account with buckets I can drop each transaction on my debit card into. I definitely notice that doing this I spend more money than I think I do. I may have to readjust some of my budgets here in a few days (It was a fairly normal month), but it has been a great learning experience! I need to re-examine some of my initial goals at the beginning of the year with what I’ve learned, but I know this one is doable.
  • Explore more of the new city I live in (3 new places each month) – Check!
    • I nailed this one! This one really shouldn’t be hard, I love trying new places. I took a trip out to Penn St to watch the Purdue/Penn St basketball game with Tommy and Kristin and we ate at a bunch of new places there! It was also my first time driving through Pennsylvania (which was absolutely beautiful!). It definitely counts. I also went ‘fowling’ for my birthday here in Detroit and to a new foodie place in Ferndale for drinks before a sketch comedy show I went to last Friday.
  • Cut back on the amount of sugar I eat – Epic Fail
    • If anything it feels like I’ve eaten a ton of sugar this month. I definitely need to do better on this one next month!
  • Maintain my 4 solid workouts each week – Epic Fail 
    • I’m still doing 1-2x weekly body weight workouts at lunch with a few of my developers, but other than occasionally walking to work when it gets to 30 degrees outside, I haven’t been working out. I’ve pretty much gone backwards on this resolution! I did Crossfit once after Christmas, but when I went through the budgeting exercise with Mint realized it’s just too expensive for me right now. With it being so cold I’m thinking about just shelling out the money for a gym membership up here, but a gym membership would be in the $30-$50 range per month instead of $125!

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