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Weekend with my boys

Since it came up that I would be staying in Michigan beyond the initial 6 week period, I have been begging my friends to come up and visit. Every chance I get I’ve said something, and to be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting it to happen. Plane tickets are expensive! And depending on when they left, it might involve taking time off. So that’s always hard. Back in January I got a text on Friday night that 4 of my boys booked tickets for the first weekend in March. CUE THE BIGGEST HAPPY DANCE EVER!!! This past weekend was the trip, and I can’t tell you how amazing it was. Friday morning I received this text and I started getting giddy. I really worried the day was going to move by at a snail’s pace (luckily I was busy and it wasn’t an issue!)


Sorry in advance for all the iPhone photosSmile

They landed on Friday evening, and after a few beverages at my next-door bar Hi Tops, we grabbed dinner at Como’s, and decided to hit up one of the casinos. We went downtown to the Greektown Casino. Initially we chose that one because it had neighborhood bars for afterwards… haha but we never ended up going out afterwards. The boys gambled a bit for a few hours, we saw and met some very interesting people, and then we headed back up to Royal Oak. I put a dollar into the slot machine, and on my third press of the button won $15! Needless to say I cashed out immediately. I’m sooo not a gambler!!


Saturday morning we all showered, got ready, and headed downtown. I drove them down Woodward from Royal Oak to downtown on a quick driving tour. Then we headed out to Corktown where one of the big highlights of the weekend happened. We played catch at old Tiger’s Stadium! None of us grew up Tiger fans, but we later Googled the stadium and I rattled off the handful of facts that I knew. As big baseball fans, it was really fun.

      IMG_4461   IMG_4463

See the snowman in the one picture? He was made on home plate. The boys took turns striking him out! And then we tried taking a selfie, and pic on the right is as close as we got. Hahahaha I love everything about that picture!

We were getting hungry so we headed over to Ottava Via where Pete said he had some of the best Italian food of his life. It was so SO good. Everything was fresh and made with great ingredients. Needless to say we were all a bit full leaving there! We headed over to Grosse Point to our first brewery next: Atwater in the Park.

This brewery was built into an old church. They now brew on what once was the altar!

                 IMG_4464      IMG_4469

It really was gorgeous and the atmosphere was really cool. Not to mention the beer was delicious! Three of us got sampler flights and the afternoon flew by.

     IMG_4465   IMG_4468

We grabbed two drinks over at Brew Detroit afterwards before heading back up to Royal Oak. Dinner that night was at Noble Fish – some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. I forget how much I like that place! And how cheap it is!! It’s a further drive than either of the two grocery stores closer to me, but for the same price, I can get 2 rolls of wayyyy better sushi. And sushi with more fish and less rice!

The wait at Noble Fish took awhile, so Pete and Jax started drawing. Look closely to see where Jax left his mark there…


In honor of their visit, my trivia team and coworkers had a party on Saturday night. IT WAS A BLAST!! Everyone had fun (haha and behaved and kept their clothes on!) By the end of the night, Jax started playing the Hulk with his wayyyy too small pearl-snap shirt. And he needed some help getting his sweater on. It was a 3 person job.

       IMG_4472   IMG_4473

We got back to the house a little after 2am, is there a better time for ice-angels?!

          IMG_4474    IMG_4477

Jax went in head-first.. because in Arkansas they do things backwards. And because they both were a bit of a mess at that point anyway! With Daylight Savings we all slept in later than we anticipated, and recovered with burgers, bloody marys, and onion rights at Redcoat Tavern. It was DELICIOUS!!


From there we headed over to the highway to get a shot of Jax at the exit 69 Big Beaver sign. Which of course turned into the hardest part of the weekend! The roads over there are all kinds of goofy, and aren’t always running in the same direction. We pulled onto the shoulder and got a picture of the sign, but it was too skinny to get out and get Jax in the picture. Oh well… sign will have to do!

The boys were all pretty wiped and some ‘quiet-time’ at the house was needed before their flights. I think everyone was just tired more than anything else from the night before! A couple of them napped, I read and watched Star Trek with them. And then all of a sudden it was time to head back to the airport. The weekend was over.

Again, not going to lie, I was dreading that drive back. It was so SO exciting and SO MUCH FUN having them here. I miss having nonsensical friends around. Not every weekend needs to be quite so much go-go-go anymore, but I miss having things to do and places to go with people. Some weekends do get really lonely up here. I have friends, but they are my only friends and I’m only one of theirs. Hahaha they have other things going on and they have family commitments. Now that spring is coming, the warmer weather will let me be outside running and biking again. Sheesh just going walking for an hour is amazing! I’m a terrible couch-sitter!!

Thanks to my boys for booking tickets and coming up, thanks to my Detroiters who made them feel welcome and partied with them. It was by far my favorite weekend so far in Detroit!

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