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2015 Resolutions Check-In–Halfway There

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2015?! Where did the year go?? The first few months felt like they just INCHED by and then the past few have been at warp-speed! Sooooo… how am I doing on these resolutions?!… I originally thought I’d failed at most of these, but when I went back through and looked, I hadn’t. Only one do I really think I’ve failed, but looking back it puts me on the fence. Oh well, trying to stay positive anyway! I still have 6 months to turn it around and kick booty!!Smile

  • Sit for and earn my PMP – Check!
    • Planning on sitting for this in October or November of this year
  • Patience/Stress Management – Check!
    • After spending the end of last year and the early parts of this year with my stomach in complete knots, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve done really well at this. Other than a trip back to Dallas in April that I was incredibly anxious over, it’s been smooth sailing!!
  • Make a big dent in debt – kinda epic fail?
    • Yeahhhh this one. I haven’t made a dent, so from that point of view it’s been an epic fail. HOWEVER, I few huge opportunities came my way, and I finally feel like I’ve figured out how to budget and stick to it. So I’m thinking this one is a draw for now. If I can figure out a way to do both big trips I want to do this fall and pay for both in cash THEN it’s a win. Otherwise I’ll have to skip one of the trips. We’ll see, fingers crossed!
  • Explore more of the new city I live in (3 new places each month) – Check!
    • I nailed this one! I started tacking the mibeer.com brewery list where I want to hit up all the breweries in the mitten part of the state. I’ve made it to 35 so far out of 150, and I’ve seen quite a bit of the state now which has been awesome!! No regrets, I honestly do believe I’ve lived it up as much as I can financially afford to up here. Most of my coworkers say I’ve seen and experience more of this state than they have and they’ve lived here their whole lives!
  • Cut back on the amount of sugar I eat – On the fence
    • Another draw, I’ve cut back substantially, but still not quite where I want to be just yet. In the past year I do think my eating has changed a lot. I never ate a ton of processed foods, but it’s very rare that I eat anything processed these days. Lots of whole foods!
  • Maintain my 4 solid workouts each week – Check!
    • Since the weather warmed up I’ve been biking and run/walking quite a bit. Plus softball started back up! Last year during my elbow injury I started walking (because I couldn’t run and really didn’t have another choice if I wanted to try and stay active) and found that I really do like it. I can throw a podcast on and go walk several miles. This comes in handy since I’m going to PERU in September and will need the walking shape to be able to hike for 4 days up to MACHU PICCHU!! I lightened up a little the past two weeks, so I started hitting it again hard yesterday. It’s a trip of a lifetime for me and I want to be ready for it.

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