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Ghost Riding the Honda

Last weekend saw many firsts… Douger’s first trip to Texas, first trip out to Rahr & Sons’s Microbrewery in Ft Worth, and Marco and Jason’s first time to Ghost Ride Marco’s Whip. Now this not a not-so-clever euphemism for something else (get your head out of the gutter). Ghost riding is along the same lines of a Chinese fire drill. Passengers in a car, including the driver, all exit their moving vehicle and begin to dance down the street along the rolling car. My description is by no means doing this justice. To truly understand, check out ghost riding on YouTube. Ghost riding Grandma and Ghost riding MRAP are two of this contributor’s favorites.

Here is a video that captures the first of what is sure to be many ghost riding experiences. Rumor has it they plan on ghost riding up to our first kickball game of the season tomorrow evening.

To check out more about Marco Sintobin and his shenanigans, check out his blog at jamminideas.blogspot.com or follow him on twitter at twitter.com/msintobin.

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