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40 days and 40 nights give or take a few

the last month and a half has been a rollercoaster and not one of those really snazzy ones with twists and flips…nope not at all…my rollercoaster just stopped mid-ride while the car was upside down in a loopty-loop.  the shit just broke.

that is my analogy for i was blindsided by my company of two years and on feb. 25 was laid-off. awesome. im officially a victim of the economy.  here is my emotional snapshot:

1- lots of tears…go see mommy and daddy for reassurance and whatnot
2- lots of alcohol…round up the friends because they make me smile
3- wish doctor boy lived in the same city b/c he fixes everything
4- freak out, followed by anxiety, topped with not sleeping well, repeat
5- snap out of it you goof you’re a lot better off than many
6- attack job boards with force
7- network like ive never networked before

ok so those seven items paint a very honest picture of my world the first few weeks post layoff.  it was the most inadequate feeling of my life. i am a structured person i make plans and while i do like surprises for the most part i like to surprise others moreso than i like having them done to me. and never do i want a surprise in my professional life. this is where i am most on top of my game. i am a good employee i honestly enjoy working and to be honest until the dreaded “and we’re eliminating your position” conversation (that i never even saw coming) i have never in my life had to look for a job. i have always been a right place, right time girl and jobs just kind of fell into my lap.

so here i am in the midst of a recession side by side with millions of other people in search of work. how the hell am i  going to find a job? why would i have any more luck than the next person? do i think im great — well of course i do.  but on paper im probably equivalent to oh i dunno 90% of applicants. i have a job history, a degree, half way through my masters…hmmmm…big whoop.

my friends, family, and doctor boy made this whole situation bearable. as a very happy, energetic person by nature i was low and it was weird. everyone offered up assistance..and i mean everyone. “jen, send me your resume i know some people” or “hey jen, i will just type up an email and send it out to people in my contacts who may know somebody” — wow i cant tell you how much this meant. i  will never know what i did to deserve to be surrounded by all these wonderful people in my life but im sure glad they are all here.

so i met with anyone who would give me their time. again, professors at school sent stellar recommendations and those people i met with for maybe 10 minutes would do the same. i cannot wait to do this same thing for someone. it was incredible the willingness people have to help. i mean half of them didn’t even know me!! i am forever indebted to these people.

fast forward to last week. i finally got an interview. a real one at a place i want to work — btw this whole time i am looking for work in non-profit..that’s what my master’s degree is in and it is my true passion..i didn’t want to settle for anything less than where my heart was. i walked into the interview and it felt good..real good. met with the EVP met with the girl who is leaving. definite chemistry. and then they called back!! they felt it too!!! hallelujah!! they want a final interview…no pressure, jmitchy!! i walked in they said i was the strongest candidate and set me in to meet with the CEO — his favorite movie is prefontaine…this is meant to be!! we talked about passion and distance running and education and kids…hello my dream world. I GOT THE JOB!!

to say i am blessed is an understatement.  last night aljansa brought my attention to an odd little detail that i hadnt thought of…she said you realize you got laid-off on ash wednesday and then got a job just two days after Easter? huh, no i had not thought of that. did something in me need to step away from work for 40 days? i totally gave up work for lent and didnt even mean to. i believe in fate and i believe in faith and i know this all happened for a reason and i am better off for having to endure my broken rollercoaster ride. on tuesday i start an amazing job that supports a cause.  i cant wipe the smile off my face and some have even said its bigger than normal. i look forward to new challenges at work but even more i look forward to the day when i can assist someone the way people helped me.

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  • Nadia April 16, 2009, 7:53 am

    see, i have no idea what movie you are talking about! i figure i would never get that job… ;) congrats!

  • epryor April 22, 2009, 11:07 am

    You handled your unemployment very gracefully, AND it all worked out seeing what an awesome job (that came with a ‘package’ and iPhone) you now have!!! Congrats!! You totally deserve it :)

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