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What’s in a name?!

Many of you have emailed me asking about how the name ‘circletwentytwo’ came about. I believe its about time that I shared. In the ten years I played basketball, 22 was always my number. There were several reasons behind this choice, 1- rolando blackman was #22 (my favorite mavs player and shooting guard), 2- emmitt smith was #22 (my favorite cowboys player), 3- even back when I was little, I loved the symmetry. Anyway, fast forward to high school. Being all of 5’5″ tall and not particularly fast, my contribution to the team was my 3-pt shot. Without tooting my own horn here too much, I have to say I was a pretty decent shooter. In all honesty, I would rather shoot 3s in lieu of free throws! I’m certain my accuracy was greater from the 3-pt line than it was most anyway else other than a layup. My JV coaches had an inbounds play that had a crossing double screen that gave me a wide open 3 on the wing. The play was called circle. So when the idea came about to start a blog, I wanted it to be something unique but that meant something to me. I checked, circle22.com was already taken but circletwentytwo.com was available. Voila! The blog name was born.

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