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And so begins another sports season

Sun. Check. Dry fields. Check. Clean uniforms and socks. Check check. FINALLY, the day has arrived that my winter sports’ season begins. It’s been two months since I last played a game outdoors. It’s been a month of Saturday afternoon flag football practices gearing up for our season. The day has arrived. Game one of SEG flag football is tonight, at 9:45 pm. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Competition is in my blood, athletics are a part of my life. So ingrained they are that I have forsaken my running season in hopes that I can gain sprint speed (distance running hurts your sprint times, and I’d like to be faster off the line.) I’ve grown complacent and to some degree lazy in my two months off, and have been eagerly anticipating my return to form. I’ve written once before on my love for team sports (click here to read about it). They are active, they are fun, they are cheap, and they are competitive. When we step out onto the field tonight, we will be taking one step forward in our quest for our first flag football championship. The feel of the leather ball in my hands, the air in my lungs, the sound of my cleats ripping into the moist grass, and the sound of teammate and friend Chris Panatier offering up vulgar (yet hilarious) anecdotes will remind me once more why I love what I do. Sports are good for the soul.


Random side note: I believe it is possible I’ve been watching too much Olympic coverage in the past few days, I feel my writing is turned into more of an over-the-top Bob Costas monologue… I will work on that before my next post!

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