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Moving on to the next step…

Since that unexpected, heartbreaking day last week, I have been doing my best to gear myself up for another long job search. Thanks to Nadia King, I’ve been reading every SEO industry article I can find. I’m devouring SEO/SEM blogs, in an attempt to become more knowledgeable about the industry. I’ve searched job postings on LinkedIn, and made it known to many family friends I am actively searching and can start immediately. But, what’s next?? My resumes and cover letters are ready to go. I haven’t found any new postings that I haven’t already applied to. So now what?? Unless I hear otherwise, I’m going to be making a trip down to Austin to try and interview face-to-face with a few companies. But what’s my next step after that??

Actually at this point I am curious about how many other people are in the same boat. By “same boat” I don’t mean simply unemployed. I am curious how many people in their early to mid-twenties, who are well educated but with only a few years work experience, have been laid off. Maybe we aren’t affected as much because I imagine the average salary of someone in this age group isn’t much. Maybe this lower salary spares us? Maybe our lack of work experience is putting us on the firing line?? I really would be interested to see the numbers on this. I feel as though now I’m in an odd place for a next position. I think potential employers see me as slightly overqualified for an entry level position, but not yet there for management. I would gladly take an entry level position in seo, internet marketing, or traditional marketing if I could find one. But I think the companies I have interviewed with see the MBAs and automatically dismiss me. One marketing firm I interviewed with flat out told me they thought I was overqualified for their Account Exec position. I am 24 years old. How can I be overqualified?? Still I’m out there. I’m searching. I’m trying to find my way out there in this world. And I’m confident with a little patience and hard work, I’ll find something.

A special thanks to Nadia King, she’s been a fantastic resource in my quest!

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