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I Believe…

This is more of a random thoughts-type post. These are the variety of snippets going through my head and the only thing many of them have in common is they exist alongside one another in my brain. There isn’t an order to any of these, its much more stream-of-consciousness than anything else. So… enjoy:

1. I believe a smile and a sincere good morning/good afternoon/thank you brightens everyone’s day.
2. I believe a nice hot shower has healing powers, as does a good giggle fest with friends.
3. I believe sports can teach you more about yourself than any other hobby.
4. I believe friends are extended family members and without them life would be much less colorful.
5. I believe that you can love someone even if you don’t agree with the decisions they make.
6. I believe the question ‘Why?’ is the most powerful question you can ask.
7. I believe life without curiosity is a rather boring one indeed.
8. I believe in asking more questions, you can never know enough.
9. I believe it is hard to frown on a bright and sunny day.
10. I believe happiness is a choice, and every day I wake up I make the decision to be happy.
11. I believe the best gift you can give someone is a big bear hug that comes from the heart.
12. I believe virtues of faith, hope, and love make up a triangle for life, and without all three you aren’t living life to the fullest.
13. I believe that vulnerability is the scariest feeling in the world.
14. I believe in saying ‘yes’. Safety issues aside, I truly believe my life is richer for trying so many different things.
15. I believe an open mind helps every situation.
16. I believe in giving 100% to everything I do. It’s not worth doing if I am not going to do my absolute best.
17. I believe I am not perfect. I have many faults, and just because I make an effort not to make mistakes doesn’t mean I think I am better than anybody.
18. I believe in telling the people in your life how much you value them.
19. I believe you can never say or do #18 too often.
20. I believe the ability to stand on your own two feet and take care of yourself is a source of pride for many.
21. I believe timing is everything in life.
22. I believe you can have it all in life, but that you may not get it all at the same time. Appreciate what you have while you have it, and don’t be afraid for what tomorrow brings.
23. I believe doctors are terrifying for no real reason other than they wield needles, scalpels, and potentially terrifying diagnoses.
23. I believe spiders are terrifying. Period. End of sentence. Eight creepy, crawly, jumping legs speak for themselves.
24. I believe bad things help you appreciate how good you have it the rest of the time.
25. I believe that while I’ve made mistakes, none of them are regrets. I wouldn’t be where I am today without what has happened.
26. I believe without trust, you have nothing.
27. I believe the worst thing in the world is letting someone down.
28. I believe in sunscreen, and the liberal use of it.
29. I believe that being a perfectionist and people-pleaser isn’t a bad thing, and can be very rewarding. Seeing someone smile and knowing I helped make it happen warms my soul. See #16.
30. I believe that while this has been a truly random post, it’s been one of my favorite to write.

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