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Liz Withdrawal. Symptoms, Cures…

It’s official. I’m in Liz withdrawal. How do I know that aside from – who wouldn’t miss Liz if they were apart from her for too long? I found myself this morning listening to country music, but the real kicker is, I was okay with it. I thought the other day when a Kenny Chesney song came on my iPod while at the gym, and my finger did not immediately hit next, that it was just a fluke. Not the case. This morning I confirmed that I am in fact, in severe Liz withdrawal. 

It sneaks up on you out of nowhere, first is starts with listening to country, it may even progress into a much more dangerous state involving me sleeping in my closet or wearing goggles around while not in the pool if I don’t get to see her soon. This is serious. …

The only way to cure this, is to visit Liz and have margaritas on a patio outside. Also if I don’t get my full dose of “ya’lls” while I am visiting, I won’t be cured. Luckily, I usually hear that word enough by the time I leave DFW to fill me for a good couple of months. So I need my Lizard, I need margaritas and sunshine, and I need country music on way too many stations…Liz, I miss you!

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