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In Transition

It finally happened, over the weekend. I moved. From an apartment to a townhouse, from living with a roommate to living alone, from sharing a living space to the entitlement of being completely selfish in my own home. My boy and I boxed up my entire apartment in about two hours, then watched as it took the movers five hours to pack it up, and then unload it. The movers were awful. They were an hour and a half late, and broke most of my glasses. I didn’t really know what to do with these guys, I’ve used this company in every one of my moves and never had a problem. Luckily nothing that was broken had sentimental value, and they all can easily be replaced. After devoting most of my Saturday to the process, I finally had a chance to start unpacking yesterday afternoon. The kitchen and bathroom are unloaded and ready to go, next up for tonight is my closet and assembling my bed. If moving weren’t such a hassle, I really would move every year. Living in a new part of the city in a new place is exciting! But after all the hassle and hard work of this move, I’m hoping to stay put for awhile!

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