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Odds and ends add up!

Since my move, I’ve begun to realize how expensive all those little odds and ends are. Having never lived on my own, there were things I never owned. My roommates always contributed them. Having to buy them now, and all at one time, has racked up my credit card bill in unpleasant ways. My approach to buying things probably isn’t helping the situation any. (I subscribe to the theory that if I am going to spend money on something, I don’t want to buy something so cheap that it breaks and needs replacing on a regular basis. I would rather wait a little longer, save up to get something of a higher quality, and buy something I like.) Take a trash can for example, you can buy a regular, black plastic trash can with the swinging door lid  for about $20-$30 dollars. To buy a real one, either stainless steel or metal or anything nicer than the plastic one, they run from about $50-$100!! Who wants to spend $80 on a trash can?! Not this girl. Luckily I was able to find a decent stainless one on sale for $40, but still. It was more money than I wanted to spend. Now take into account things like dish soap, detergent, Brillo pads.. all those $8-$10 things add up quickly! This week so far I’ve spent about $250 on just basic things. I haven’t even bought paper towels/napkins, cleaning supplies, or countless other things I know I’ll need. I knew the move would be expensive, I did a great job of saving money the month of February preparing for this month. But still, all these unforeseen costs are killing me!

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