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Never too old for Mom & Dad

I’ve talked about how expensive my move has been. I’ve talked about what a hassle my move has been. Well finally, I am all in. I am all unpacked. I have pictures and decorations on my wall. My parents have come and seen my new place, and (after my mother rearranged my living room) it has met their approval. Well.. up until my mom saw my paltry pantry. I’ve never really spent a lot of time cooking. While I do thoroughly enjoy doing it, I have zero desire to put lots of work into a meal if it is just for me to enjoy. Just me is content with a bowl of cereal or snacking on Cheezits for dinner. Because of this, my kitchen lacked many “basic” things. Vegetable oil, olive oil, spices, canned vegetables, baking soda, flour, sugar, etc. Before you judge, stocking a kitchen from scratch is expensive! I have every intention of stocking it as I needed the various things. However, knowing I didn’t have anything at home was also preventing me from cooking… yay catch-22s! Anyway, on Sunday morning my mom took me to the grocery store. We went aisle-by-aisle and she loaded me up with plastic sandwich and freezer bags, spices, baking supplies, rice, frozen foods, etc. I am set! As we went through my mother, an accountant by trade, is mentally tallying up our bill. She realizes, that it really is expensive to stock a kitchen and understands why I haven’t been able to do so. I am so fortunate to have parents that are able to help me out like that. At 26 years old, I know that over time I would be able to fill my own pantry. But my parents were able to do it all at once, when they really didn’t have to! It’s days like this I realize that it doesn’t matter how old I am, but I will never be too old to have my Mom and Dad help me out.

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