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Kickball Champions

It’s about that time, the spring sports’ season is coming to an end. That means for the past two weeks I have been bouncing around between kickball, flag football, and now softball playoffs. As teams, we work so hard for 6-8 weeks to build up to these weeks. This is what all the marbles are for! One day, one night will decide who goes home with the bragging rights of being Champions, and who just gets to go home. Am I over the top? Maybe. But I’ve never denied I’m competitive; I want to win! I’ve mentioned before how I think you can learn more about yourself through sports than through any other hobby, and playoffs prove that to me time and time again. Concentration. Focus. Intensity. Clear head. Trust in teammates. You have to have all those things to win a championship. If something doesn’t go your way, you have to shake it off pretty quickly so you can make up for it on the next play. You have to act quickly while thinking less. I know what to do when I am out there; I know all the if-this-then-that scenarios. And with all the chaos that has been in my life recently, knowing exactly what I need to do for that hour or so has been such a blessing. I have such clarity. I don’t have to question or doubt, over-analyze or over-think. It’s just me, my athletic ability and my instincts.  It’s on me to get it done. I can go out there, give it my best, and hope my teammates step up to the plate as well. I love it. I’ll most likely come home Saturday after our day long softball tournament sun-burnt, sweaty, and exhausted, but will have loved every minute I was out there playing with my friends who want it as much as me (well… almost, remember I’m crazy). Summer. Sun. Friends. Sports. Exercise. At the end of the day, does it really get that much better?

Results Thus Far:
Won Kickball Championship
Lost Flag Football Championship in the finals
Softball — TBD this weekend!

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