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Baseball vs football media contest in Dallas

Like many fans, I root for my home town teams: the Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, and Rangers. For the first time in many, many, many years, the Rangers appear to have the talent and drive to take them to the World Series. It’s still too early to call, and a lot can happen between now and October, but the pieces are in place. Unfortunately for them, come September 1st the Cowboys season officially starts. Unfortunately for the Rangers, Dallas is much more a football city than a baseball city. Once the Cowboys start, I question whether or not our city’s enthusiasm for baseball will go by the wayside. Every day I listen to sports talk radio for several hours. And out of those five hours, I would say that more than half of that time is devoted to talk about the ‘Boys. The remaining time is split between the Rangers, Mavs, Stars (if there is any news), and sports in general, and the football season hasn’t even officially started! I’m curious to see what will happen if the Rangers continue to perform well through the month of September. I’m curious what will happen to the Dallas-sports-fan if our own version of the apocalypse happens and we actually have two successful sports teams at the very same time. (Personal side note: I will be in my own little heaven with the return of football season AND a winning Rangers team as I usually lose interest in baseball after the All-Star game in July. Don’t judge me, traditionally this is when the Rangers fall apart and their season becomes effectively over anyway.) Yes, Texas is traditionally all about football, but I believe that to be true because we haven’t had a baseball team to get excited about in years. We’ve been forced to become fans of successful baseball franchises outside of Texas so that when football season starts our focus turns to what is happening here as opposed to what is going on out there. But now we do. Now we have a team to get excited about. Now we appear to be embracing this previously-foreign Texas sport. I hope the enthusiasm remains, I want the Rangers to do well in the post season. But will it be enough to overcome the football bias? Of that I’m less certain. All I do know is the next month will be very interesting for the Dallas sports fan, and being one of them, I’m excited to see what will happen.

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