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Team Peanut Butter Pudding Surprise

I would never have guessed that as a 27 year old person (yes, I’m absolutely in denial I’m actually an adult!) that I would be out on a baseball diamond playing kickball once a week. I would also never have guess that kickball is as competitive as it is, nor that my team would be as good as we are. Unlike my other teams, this one is chock-full of friends I’ve grown up with. There are three members of the team I have been friends with for over ten years, two of which have been over twenty (so crazy, but amazing at the same time!) I’ll let the posts speak for themselves, but as of today my team has yet to lose a regular season game in the past 3 years. Our only losses (now sitting at 4) have come in the playoffs or in the championship game itself. We have 4 championship titles to our pedigree and every Tuesday you can find us out there having fun with one another. Yes, we are pretty amazing and have a lot of fun together doing it!

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