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Flag Football

Which sport on that list is not like the others? This one! Flag football.

Flag Football Team - Fall 2010

I first played flag football in the 8th grade in a Powder Puff game. After growing up an avid football (read: DALLAS COWBOYS) fan, part of me always wanted to get to play. I can throw, I can catch, so why not? I played flag football throughout college intramurals and my co-ed team even made it to the Championship game! We played our final game in the indoor practice facility that the actual Purdue football team played on!

After grad school, I signed up to play with a local sport and social league in town and after a season got hooked! I was asked to join this team. We’re competitive (we have practices and route cards), we’re loud (and often vulgar, it’s hilarious), and we love to sing karaoke after games at the bar. (I play camera-man as no one wants my voice up there belting it out! Check out my YouTube page and watch the rest of them sing!)

We finally did it! Winter Champs 2011

As a team we’ve made it to the finals three times, twice with yours truly on the team… I’m not saying there’s a connection there.. well, maybe I am… And after 2.5 years of trying, we WON the ‘SHIP during the winter season of 2011!

We clean up nicely! Holiday Party December 2009

While I still play with this crazy team when they are playing, I joined a second team that plays on Saturdays. This Pigskin Poets team is a big mix of people from different sports and different nights of the week. We’ve come together and after a rough first season in the spring, are determined to take the league by storm this summer!

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