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“When I hit a home run I usually didn’t care where it went. So long as it was a home run was all that mattered.” – Mickey Mantle

I played softball up until I was about 13. I played first base, I played pitcher, I played second base. I signed up to play in college intramurals, but got injured playing a different sport and had to sit it out. Fast forward 11 years and a friend of mine from a flag football team I’d played on asked me to come out and sub for their softball team. After forewarning her I hadn’t played in nearly half my life, I went and got a glove and trucked out onto the fields. My first few games felt pretty disastrous (although I’ve been assured they really weren’t that bad!) but I kept at it. A few seasons, a few batting practices, and several positions later I have to say I’ve become a solid player. I’ve now been playing year round for two years and absolutely love it. If you were to ask me which of the intramurals were my favorite to play, easily it would be flag football and softball. I’m on several different teams, but have been fortunate enough to win five different softball championship titles!

Outkast Champs Spring 2011

My Outkast softball team is such a group of goofballs they are one of my favorite teams to play on. It doesn’t matter how much we are down, or how late in the game it is. We rally and never stop laughing or making fun of one another. In the last round of playoffs we entered the last inning down 2 runs, as we still managed to not only pull out a victory, but score a few additional runs as well!

Gruesome 10some Champs Spring 2011

This spring saw another first.. I hit my first home run! (Yes, please pat me on the bat for this one.. it was kind of a big deal to me :))

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