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My 7th Graders - Spring 2009

After 10 years of playing basketball, 7 of which were spent playing nearly year-round, the sport became quite a part of my life. Going to college saw it relegated to simply a winter intramural sport, but my love for it never changed. After I finished grad school and had my evenings to myself, I was approached by my old athletic director. He said they were always looking for coaches! I’d coached twice in high school (5th and 6th grade girls) but hadn’t since then. But why not pick it back up? After all those years, I’d been around my fair share of bad coaches, so why not get in there and be one of the good ones?

I did and two years later both of my teams have made it to the playoffs. But that’s not really what it’s been about for me (although let’s be honest, my competitive side would love to win city championship with them.) My goal with them is always to end the season in better shape and as better players than when they began and that they have fun. I haven’t had the most athletic kids in the past, nor have I had the most competitive team, but despite my frustrations I always end up having fun with them. I’ve learned I can’t want it for them, I can only try and light their fire to want it for themselves. I’m not going to lie, as a competitive person, this has been the most difficult facet for me to accept. But I love it. And if I can help just one of my kiddos find their passion, if I can help just one of them succeed, if I can teach just one of them why it’s important not to quit, then it’s all worth it at the end of the day.

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Charity Golf Tournament with Coworkers

Over this past summer, I dipped my toe back into the individual sport arena and shocked even myself. I picked up golf and thoroughly loved playing. Not only has it been fun to get out there and try something new, but it’s been a wonderful way to bond with some of my coworkers out of the office. Thus far my best round has been a 103, but I’m hoping when spring comes back with warmer weather I’ll break the 100 barrier!

Look at me go!

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